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Leviathan's Goat with Tara Arts & KPS present

VAGABONDS - My Phil Lynott Odyssey

Performed by Robert Mountford
Directed by Chris Larner
Written by Chris Larner & Robert Mountford

Rob Mountford, a man saddled with a mess of cultural identity, is challenged by the statue of his hero - Thin Lizzy’s Phil Lynott - to tell that rock-star’s swashbuckling story.  But as Rob does so, his own story takes over:  a tale of confused Irish heritage and untimely death: a story as tragic and funny as Life itself.   Lynott’s annoyed: this was meant to be his show. 

What makes a hero?  How true are myths?  Chris Larner (Fringe First winner) directs and co-writes in this hilarious, philosophical, rock’n’roll one-man show.

Vagabonds-My Phil Lynott Odyssey Trailer from Robert Mountford on Vimeo.