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Leviathan's Goat

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Leviathan's Goat is a nascent theatre company formed by Robert Mountford and Chris Larner to bring together their first collaboration.

Working as an usher at the Vaudeville Theatre Company whilst at drama school, Mountford became obsessed with the free rolling, absurdist, moving riot that was the Right Size’s ‘Do You Come Here Often’. The writer of their very funny songs was Larner.  The two met a year later working for the RSC and Mountford stalked at a legal distance for many years until Larner gave in and a friendship was formed.

Leviathan’s Goat apart from any Freudian, Hobbesian, Satanic, Religious, Political connotations is a nod and reference to the Battle of Trafalguar.  When the canons started booming all the livestock on board the fleets would go mad and try to bolt.  Most were quickly slaughtered.  On the good ship LEVIATHAN Captain Bayntun preserved the goat (for milk?).  There is something about the image of being driven mad and then forced to stay alive to watch the carnage which has always resonated.

Our Leviathan’s Goat looks to tie up then untangle the manifold madnesses that we experience in a quest for truth, beauty, love and laughter. 




4 November 2016

Leviathan's Goat