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Changing Face

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22a Tyndalls Park Road,

Telephone: 0796 943 6697
Contact: Ellie Cluaghton
Email: [email protected]

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Multi-lingual, multi-national theatre company specialising in international drama and documentary theatre

We specialise in international drama and documentary theatre. We implement a creative, original documentary process which usually always includes collaborating with film-makers and photographers. 

Co-founded by Dashti Jahfar and Lucy Curtis in 2015, we are a company of 8 multi-lingual, multi-national theatre-makers and artists, with roots in 8 different countries. We make art about the changing face of our communities worldwide. 
We're based in South London.

"Intensely political, and carved from the living streets that surround it" EXEUNT MAGAZINE

Our work creates ongoing conversations about our 21st century experience of living in our communities now.  We're interested in how to use theatre to engage a wider audience from a far more diverse background than currently witnessed; bringing communities together and re-empowering the theatre with its most important asset- the human.

We make our projects and plays through a process of research and development, early-stage scratch (experimental performances) and professional productions.


It Is So Ordered

It Is So Ordered

5 April 2017

Changing Face