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It Is So Ordered

“A society should not be judged on how it treats its best, but how it treats it’s lowest” 

More than half a century after the Harlem Race Riots of 1964, officers put in place to protect citizens are still unjustly persecuting African Americans. It Is So Ordered asks how far have we actually come since those hot July nights?

Inspired by true events, It Is So Ordered charts the tragic story of two imprisoned men linked by a lie and the power of forgiveness in an unforgiving world. Set during the outbreak of wrongful and racially motivated imprisonments throughout 1960’s America It Is So Ordered explores the injustice caused, of which the repercussions are still being felt to this day

Changing Face is a multi lingual multi national theatre company producing international drama and documentary theatre. Credits include Where Will We Live? (Southwark Playhouse) and Clay (Pleasance).