Black Theatre Live



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Tony Wilson Place, 2 First Street,
M15 4FN Telephone: 0161 200 1500
Venue Email: [email protected]

Contact: Kevin Jamiesom
Email: [email protected]

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Formed by the merger of two of Manchester’s best-loved arts organisations, Cornerhouse and the Library Theatre Company, our mission is to make a new HOME for curiosity seekers, for lovers of the dramatic, the digital and the deeply engaging; for radicals and reciprocators.

Our two new theatres will be a playful platform for new, commissioned work. Our five screens will light up with challenging, independent, provoking film work. The gallery space will be home to the very best in contemporary art. The food will, of course, be delicious.

That’s the experience, but what’s in the frame? The world, seen through Mancunian eyes. Questions of our time. Adventurous explorations of issues, emotions and destinations.

HOME will be for all. Our audiences will be widely drawn including young people, the
 local community and of course, the loyal audiences of our two founding organisations.

The work will be of just as high a standard but the purpose built setting, improved facilities and convenient location will be refreshing and exciting; a much loved experience made even better; a performance to be savoured.

This will be more than stage and screen, however. HOME will be a centre for co-production, artistic creation and, of course, sharing. It will be dedicated to learning, for people of all ages. A place for new work and playful ideas; of festivals and commissions; of artists and of audience engagement.