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Theatro Technis

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26 Crowndale Road,
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Email: [email protected]

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'Theatro' speaks for itself, but 'Technis' is an ancient Greek word. It came from time when people made no distinction between art, work and craft. People didn't make theatre for money, they had to live, yes - but the work itself was rewarded enough. It was important then to have passion for what you were doing and to believe that your work benefits others too. That is Theatro Technis.

Theatro Technis was originally founded five decades ago to meet the needs of the Cypriot community through cultural theatre and educational activities that bridged the gap between migrants and the host community. Launching its Advisory Service with over 20,000 users.

By the 1990's Theatro Technis evolved into international theatre space, staging in-house drama, offering venue hire, facilitating workshops, nurturing creative talent and promoting contemporary writting, while possessing unique expertise in ancient Greek Drama.

Nowadays, volunteers and professional theatre practitioners are the backbone of Theatro Technis enabling the theatre to maintain its ethos of 'Total Theatre'.

A Brief History of Theatro Technis:

1957: A group of Cypriot theatre artists found their first theatrical home in a garage in the working district of Camden Town.
1972: After more than a decade of presenting plays in various venues across the city, Theatro Technis moved to a disused railway shed near King's Cross Station.
1978: The company took over an old church house and converted it into a theatre, our present home, with public support and private donations.
2007: After 50 years, we are now as strong as ever and are constantly evolving as one of the leading international and European fringe theatres in London.
The Theatro Technis has a lot more history and it will be available to browse right here in the near future. 


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