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Lincoln Drill Hall

Lincoln Drill Hall

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Freeschool Lane, ,
LN2 1EY Telephone: 01522 873 894
Venue Email: [email protected]

Contact: Chris Kirkwood
Email: [email protected]

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Our mission:

“We believe Lincoln Drill Hall is the place to go to see events and have experiences that you just can’t find elsewhere – we offer special moments by the bucketful. Our job is to ensure that you have a good time when you’re with us and to encourage you to come back and try something else. We believe that the arts can make people’s lives better and we want to do just that!”

So what does that mean?

We love the arts and we love people and what drives us is bringing them together as often as possible!

This is why we offer free events and activities whenever we can – so people can try things without worrying about how much it costs. We know people like different things so we offer a diverse programme to appeal to varying tastes. Not everyone will love everything we offer but we’re confident you’ll like something. We’re also committed to bring the unexpected, surprising, ground-breaking and challenging to you – events and experiences that prompt you to look at the world in different ways and get you talking!


i know all the secrets in my world

i know all the secrets in my world

27 January 2016

tiata fahodzi