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Liberating Arts Festival

Liberating Arts Festival

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Roborough Studios • University Of Exeter, Prince of Wales Road,
EX4 4SB Telephone: 07850 651803
Venue Email: [email protected]

Contact: Chris Jury
Email: [email protected]

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In the struggle for equality and social justice, the first war that has to be won is the propaganda war. The arts are the most effective tool in that battle for hearts and minds and must always be at the forefront of effective political organising, campaigning and education.

Liberating Arts builds on the highly successful 2016 Liberating Arts Day and is a hybrid event that shares characteristics with an arts festival, an academic conference and a celebration of trade unionism such as the Tolpuddle Festival and the Durham Miners’ Gala.

The festival on Saturday 4th Nov 2017 will feature a programme of cultural discussions, workshops and performances that will allow trade unionists, academics, cultural workers and creative activists from the UK and beyond to share insights about the central role of culture in our collective struggle for a more equal and just world.


We Are The Lions Mr Manager

We Are The Lions Mr Manager

14 October 2017

Townsend Theatre Productions