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Cygnet Theatre

Cygnet Theatre

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Friars Gate,
Exeter, Devon
EX2 4AZ Telephone: 01392 277 189​
Venue Email: [email protected]

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Cygnet is a successful theatre company with 30 years’ experience as a fantastic training for professional actors through a rigorous blend of classwork, rehearsal and public performance. Graduates of this unique drama school go on to work in all areas of theatre, film and TV.

For incoming shows we are looking for professional productions with a proven track record; you must be proactive in selling your show and work alongside us to ensure your production is a success. Some things we would need from you as a visiting company:

1.    Print – we need lots of this from you to sell the event. Flyers are the most important part of this. We use them to exit flyer other events and also for direct mail to carefully hand-picked audiences (we pay for all the distribution). Ideally they should be over-printed with our details, but we can also print stickers if you have generic flyers. Amounts vary according to a number of factors, but as a guide, around 800 per night of performance.

2.    Exclusion Zones – we share audiences and media coverage with venues in Plymouth, Taunton, and Torquay so we don’t take events in the same season if they are playing in these places.

3.    Interval – these are really important to us, so all events need to have one. If there are any issues with this, please discuss at the initial stage of booking as it will affect the deal we are able to offer you.

4.    PR & Marketing – we cover audiences that we have contact with and local press, but we need the act to be actively involved in getting audiences for their event. The marketing team will speak to you directly to plan the campaign, but generally you deal with national press and national and local radio as well as your own social media.

5. Tech spec and Times – please keep it as simple as possible and tell us on applying anything special you require. Also give us an idea of when you would need/ like access to the building to prepare for performance.


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The Bogus Woman

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