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Kamani Auditorium

Kamani Auditorium

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1, Copernicus Marg, New Delhi,
Delhi, India
110001 Telephone: +91 11 4350 3352

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Kamani Auditorium was inaugurated on the 22nd of August 1971 by President of India Sh. V.V. Giri. Spread over a vast area in the heart of the capital's cultural arena and with seating capacity of 632 people, the auditorium is on an impressive structure. A prominent part of the complex is the SHRIRAM BHARATIYA KALA KENDRA, one of the premier cultural institutions of INDIA. The outstanding feature of the auditorium is the stage.

With a 48 feet depth and a 40 feet opening frontage, it is large by any standards and ideal for all kinds of presentations, ranging from plays, ballets, to group and solo performances.


The Troth

The Troth

26 January 2018