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The Listening Room

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"There is a bit that’s gonna blow your mind. I’ll let you sit down and tell ya”

A stirring exploration of life, death and justice, The Listening Room features the true stories of five people whose lives have been transformed by a single violent crime.

Years after trial and punishment, each one of them was given the chance to meet the person on the other side.

This is the extraordinary story of what happened when they said yes.

“You’ve gotta really think about… hang on a minute, what do I wanna say? Do I wanna tell em I wanna strangle you, what do I wanna say?” 

Restorative Justice.

​70% of those in prison re-offend within the first year of their release.
All too often, court processes separate victims and offenders, making dialogue impossible and leaving voices unheard. 

But in the UK, it is now possible for victims and offenders of even the most serious crimes to meet face to face.

Two years ago, the government committed £29 million to restorative justice - the process that enables this - in recognition of its potential to reduce reoffending rates.

A 2015 Ipsos MORI poll revealed that only 22% of the British population have heard of it.