Black Theatre Live


The Brownie Club

written & performed by Jessica Lucia Andrade

The Brownie Club is an autobiographical aerial theatre show on the themes of race, identity and fitting in. 

This is an autobiographical tale of Jessica Andrade a British Indian girl growing up in white conservative Essex. The scene is set in a catholic Primary School in the 90’s when Jessica starts the club as she is too busy doing gymnastics three times a week so she can’t join ‘Brownies/girl guides’ so she decides to start her own club with her two besties. She invites us into her ‘Brownie Club’ consisting of her two friends Clever Rachel and Crazy Christina.

The threesome start to set up their club in their tree house which is made up of three sets of aerial silks, they each have one as their own cocoon. They share stories, gossip and tales of the playground and classroom. We start to see why they have bonded so much as they feel isolated and different from the rest of their class mates. These comedic real life experiences and encounters are based on stereotypes that have been thrown at them because of the colour of their skin. Ethnically they are all from different backgrounds; Jessica’s parents are from Goa, Clever Rachels Dad is from the Caribbean and Crazy Christinas mum is from Mauritius.

Throughout the play we see the girls grow up and The Brownie Club stay strong in the metaphorical sense as they continue with humorous stories of how they try to fit in during higher learning and work life. Although the show is predominantly text based, the girls burst in to song and dance to imitate characters they have met.