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Adapted by Ng Choon Ping from the original by Christopher Marlowe

Ambition. Subjugation. Immortality.

Yellow Earth presents Christopher Marlowe’s thrilling, controversial and compelling masterpiece, Tamburlaine. The story of a lowly shepherd who rises to power and conquers half the world through sheer brutality and self-belief.

Presented by an East Asian cast in a startling new adaptation this production calls into question the very nature of power, masculinity and violence. What makes a king? What makes a father? What makes a man?

In an age when Trump can become leader of the western world, conflict rages across the Middle East, Europe is increasingly divided and a new power from the East asserts its growing dominance, Marlowe’s classic takes on a new urgency and relevance for our time.

Yellow Earth Theatre TAMBURLAINE play Trailer from Yellow Earth Theatre on Vimeo.