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Activism and individualism collide over soya lattes, jerk chicken, planning applications and pop-up vintage shops. Welcome to Brixton!

#ReGeneration is a multi-media theatre piece that is from theheart of Brixton. It is of the people, by the people, for the people.

It’s a story of life on an estate that is being demolished and the fight for ‘home’.

What happens to a community when it is under threat?

#Regeneration explores the hilarious and devastating ‘gentrification’ through the lens of the increasingly segregated Brixton. It examines the relationship between councils and developers, the role of 'us' as artists and the sudden mixing (or non mixing) of classes. The clash & cohesion of different ‘London tribes’.

Outspoken Arts present #ReGeneration from Outspoken Arts on Vimeo.