Black Theatre Live


North Country

North Country will be a flexible small scale production that can perform in theatre venues from small to mid-scale as well as community and ‘found’ spaces.

Minimum is needs is 3m x 3m space.

Cast size: 3; Stage management 1.

More on staging: 

North Country is a three hander. It's three young characters, Harvinder, Nusrat and Alleyne use direct address and scenes between them to tell the story of the Plague that wiped out most of humanity - and their subsequent struggle to rebuild their lives. It uses an almost bare stage (or found space) - the sense is we the audience are gathering together with these characters to hear the story of how the world ended. For the first scene it feels 'normal' - theatrical lighting, bare stage, modern clothing. Then after the Plague hits it changes. The main feature will be lots and lots of 'dead' mobile phones - which represent all the people and things that have been lost. Maybe occasionally one of these comes back to life and we see a snatch of video or photo. As the play progresses 'relics' - objects from their past - our present - become used in different ways. A tablet might be used as a plate, or a trowel. Or become an almost sacred object.

The direct address allows us the audience to be taken into the story and the world of the play. The characters tell the story together reacting and interacting with each other - keeping the dramatic tension going throughout the piece.