Black Theatre Live


North Country

Young people 12-30:
North Country is a play about 3 young people, teenagers at the start of the play. It follows their journey through post-Apocalyptic world. Accompanying the production will be a programme of young people engagement – asking young people to create their own responses to question: If your whole world was destroyed- what would you do next? We will be working with groups of diverse young people in each location, using flashmob, video, writing and online resources to enable them to create and capture their work. It engages young people through an exciting scenario (everyone loves a disaster/zombie movie) but also asks serious questions about the kind of society young people want to make.

Diverse communities:
Appeal of North Country goes across all communities. Characters are Sikh, Muslim and white, all from Bradford. The characters, production and marketing will reflect and represent diverse communities of Britain and will be asking questions about the role and importance of culture, identity and race.

Disaster/Zombie movie and game fans:
We will use a filmic trailer and online resources to target people who like disaster movies/games. We will research and target local cinemas, film clubs and gaming communities. The direct address nature of the piece is filmic and accessible as it creates a ‘movie in your imagination’. We aim to work with a game designer to create a North Country game for mobile and tablet.

New writing/drama audience:
North Country is an engaging new play from a writer and director with track record of producing excellent new drama. It combines a great scenario, with poetic writing and a strong Yorkshire sense of humour.

Non-theatre audiences
North Country can perform in theatre and non-theatre venues potentially reaching out into community audiences.