Black Theatre Live


My Big Cowpat Wedding

By Sayan Kent

You are invited to join the guests at Clare and Arjun’s wedding reception. All their friends and family will be there. A celebration of a mixed marriage between a girl from the country and a boy from the city.  What could possibly go wrong?  

Of course plenty does in this fast moving comedy drama full of misunderstanding and mishaps with plenty of neat twists and a Bhangra dance for everyone to join in at the end.  Everyone loves a wedding don’t they?

Based on real people’s experience of mixed marriages or rural weddings attended by city dwellers out of their comfort zone, this was a fun, light hearted exploration of relationships across the divides of rural/urban, race and gender.

It's was a site specific show with venues laid out for a wedding reception where the audience are the wedding guests and the show took place in amongst the audience.