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Lovers Rock Monologues

The lovers rock monologues is a show celebrating the golden years of Lovers Rock, the 70's and 80's, when many of us second generation afro caribbeans were in our youth going into adulthood.

The show humourously highlights the lovers rock lifestyle, the fashion the attitudes and influences of the day. The part the church played in many of our households and also the highs and lows of falling in love for the first time.

The show delightfully marries storytelling with music to give the audience a theatrically musical experience.

The show came about through the will of Janet Kay, Carroll Thompson and Victor Romero Evans who had for a long time spoken about staging a lovers rock musical. After conceding that to stage a full on musical would be too arduous in terms of costs and staging, it was agreed that an idea which was fun economical an mobile would be the best option.

Janet Kay then contacted the Millfield Theatre in Edmonton in the hope that they could secure a show there and spoke with Paul Everett the Artistic director of the theatre who reminded her that he knew her and she knew him from his time working at Theatre Royal Stratford East alongside Philip Headley, he also reminded her that he knew Victor Romero Evans very well from the many shows he had performed at Theatre Royal Stratford East. So, with this phone call a deal was secured with The Millfield Theatre who offered Janet, Carroll and Victor a full week at their Enfield Studio theatre - The Dugdale Centre. The show was a SELL OUT before the opening night.

Victor Romero Evans having had experience in writing plays was then assigned by Janet and Carroll to write a musical involving the three artists and a minimum amount of musicians.

Having read 'The Vagina Monologues' Victor decided that a style similar to that concept but with audience participation would be ideal and thus Lovers Rock Monologues was born.

Janet, Carroll and Victor then called on their long time musical associates who had played for them for many a year in the music business.