Black Theatre Live


Indigo Giant

Tara Arts presents

by Ben Musgrave, a new play after Dinabandhu Mitra’s Nil Darpan, directed by Jatinder Verma.

Can’t you hear the footsteps all around?

The Indigo Giant is coming!

Indigo Giant is a moving conversation with a great Indian play by one of the most exciting contemporary British playwright.  Ben Musgrave’s play rediscovers for a new generation a long-forgotten story of Britain’s relationship with India… and of the world’s only natural dye.  The drama set in Bengal in 1859, centres on tenant-farmer Sadhu Charan who marries Kshetromani, whose family has been ruined by Indigo and so the epic sweep of the story unfolds.

The play uncovers a forgotten history which has much to say to audiences today about modern cloth manufacture and the rapacious global market for cheap clothes; and the price that is truly being paid in the sweat-factories or India and Bangladesh.