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★★★ The Times, Sam Marlowe "it seethes with ideas.... all provocative and intriguing.... it has a gristly intensity and it’s performed with intelligence and fervour. In the title role, Raphael Sowole combines toughness with tenderness. He’s a beefy, tart-tongued, furious prince whose volatile presence carries a real physical threat; when Abiona Omonua’s sweet, sassy Ophelia is on her knees at her prayers, he lurks behind her, sharpening his dagger..... There are some arrestingly potent moments: Miller’s Claudius submitting to a penitential flogging; the Player King slumped in a wheelchair sucking from a hip flask.... it’s fresh and fiercely committed."

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"I have been a lifelong fan of Hamlet and have seen many, many productions. I saw your Hamlet in Bury St Edmunds last week. It was truly remarkable and has changed the way that I will forever think of Hamlet, the man.

Instead of the slightly prissy, self-obsessed student prince, verging on paranoia, here we have a highly intelligent, witty and virile man enjoying his life, hanging out with his friend Horatio. The sort of guy you’d like to have a drink with.

The evil is entirely external. The hamartia is not what I had always thought it was – indecision – is it intelligence and human decency. Hamlet’s friendship with Horatio and his disdain for Rosencrantz were superbly displayed. The madness – clearly feigned in your version – was superbly acted. The comic bits of the play were actually funny, making the heartbreak even more moving.

A beautiful, original play. Congratulations to everyone." Malcolm Mottram audience member, Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds


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