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Hamlet Asylum Seeker

BandBazi are pleased to announce that Arts Council England have recently awarded funding for the script development of Hamlet Asylum Seeker.

Inspired by Shakespeare’s masterpiece, Hamlet Asylum Seeker fuses modern writing with eloquent speeches of Shakespearian grandeur. Breath-taking aerial routines combine with gritty acting. Imagine Hamlet as an asylum-seeking African Prince.  Born into a royal Household, Hamlet flees his war-torn country after his father is murdered by his uncle. Now his uncle has re-married his mother and Hamlet is forced into exile.

Follow Hamlet as he struggles to be taken seriously by British immigration officials and social workers. As he tries to remain in the UK, Hamlet shocks the authorities with his life story. Award winning writer, John Binnie will write the play, which has been co-commissioned by BandBazi and Talawa Theatre Company and is planned to tour nationally in 2017.