Black Theatre Live


Does My Bomb Look Big In This?

Nyla Levy presents

A play about two young British Muslim best friends, exploring identity, prejudice, racism and radicalisation.

'Oh my days, I’m having flashbacks to when you became a ‘veggie’ for what was it? 2 days? After watching Chicken Run!'

'Oi shut up, I’m serious. The world is fucked man. See. Even you’re brainwashed.'

Aisha and Yasmin are joined at the hip BFFs (Best Friends Foreva) from Souf Weezy (South West London). Reeling from Brexit, Trump and daily terror talk, they’re left trying to make sense of the Britain they live in today. Yasmin wants to reject the city she used to call home, before it completely cuts her, but Aisha doesn’t see it that way. Aisha loves how passionate Yasmin is, but also knows how susceptible to phases she can be.

But when Yasmin suddenly disappears into the arms of ISIS, Aisha must decide whether there is any truth or hope in Yasmin’s new found world. Does My Bomb Look Big in This? exposes the fragmented nature of our society and how far from multicultural bliss we now lie.