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Following the successful tour of our show Night Light last year, Mandala Theatre Company are pleased to announce the tour of our new show (Dis)connected. Rehearsed readings will take place in September 2017 with a full tour of the show due to start in Spring 2018. 

(Dis)Connected R&D is the 2nd part of our trilogy Place, Identity and Belonging building on a successful ACE funded Night Light Tour, which resulted in a national 9 cities and 2 international cities tour of the play.

This is a play about three young people from diverse backgrounds, growing up together in the same community.

How do the choices that they make influence how they feel about where they are from?
What leads them to feel connected or disconnected to their roots?

Up and coming writer Atiha Sen Gupta explores the disconnect young people from diverse backgrounds feel towards their communities.

The project is being researched through in-depth creative workshops and discussions with young people, from communities where radicalisation and urban separation and division are particularly potent, their experiences of 'connection or dis-connection' to the communities they have grown up in.