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Different is Dangerous

"He thinks I'm Spanish... great! Well I'm hardly gonna say no am I? Oh what, turn around and drop the 'P' bomb... 'Yeah, I'm a Paki, actually...'"

From unprovoked attacks, hijabs and segregation to Coronation Street, boyfriends and TuPac, Two's Company explore multicultural life and the challenges of ethnicity. Using a combination of headphone verbatim technique and fictional monologues, 

Different is Dangerous gives a unique insight into the idiosyncratic lives of the Asian Leeds locals. This is a devised piece written, directed and performed by Fadia Qaraman and Nyla Levy - Two's Company.

Two's Company were interested in exploring the 'melting pot' of Leeds, which seemed on the outside to be more immiscible than something that merged. Their mission was to find out who this community was really made up of. 

Different is Dangerous is directed by Tamasha Developing Artist member Ian Nicholson. It was first performed at Tamasha’s Scratch Night at Rich Mix in September 2012 and at New Diorama in May 2013 as part of Tamasha's Developing Artists programme (TDA).