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Time Wont Wait presents

"There was a bit of scuffle, and I’m sorry to say, he passed away.”

Custody is the experience of a close British family who loose their loved one in the hands of the police, leaving them broken, distraught and hungry for justice. Whilst coming to terms with their loss, they are thrust into a strenuous legal battle, exposing the truth behind a system that begs the question “who polices the police?”. This is an explosive political drama, an emotional roller coaster that unites us in the spirit of what it means to be human - to love, to loose, to laugh and to hope. 

Custody is inspired by creator Urban Wolf's own experiences with the police as a young black man growing up in South London, targeted by police who 'stop and search'. Custody exposes how easily these experiences can escalate, and highlights a global concern in western society , where black men are slipping through the cracks and ending up in an overcrowded criminal justice system. This is a story of our times.

Custody is a theatre project led by The Art Machine and award-winning theatre company Faith Drama Productions, with the support of the legendary Theatre Royal Stratford East. An Ovalhouse Co-Production.

Custody by Urban Wolf & Tom Wainwright: TRAILER from Ovalhouse on Vimeo.