Black Theatre Live


Camilla & Compella

Camilla & Compella is a seed commission of JAN BLAKE STORYTELLER from BLACK THEATRE LIVE TARA ARTS.

Marking the 100th anniversary of WW1 and the West Indian soldiers contribution to fighting in the trenches on the Western Front as part of the British Colonial army, a storytelling performance written & performed by Jan Blake

It’s been a difficult summer for 10-year old Camilla Joseph. Her Great Grandpa, Compella, over from Jamaica, has Dementia and is behaving erratically. The children on the estate & at school thinks he’s a big joke. Camilla is scared and when Camilla is scared she gets into fights, frequently. Embattled at home and at school, perhaps Grandpa’s WWI letters can help her face her battles with more dignity and poise. 

Performance for families and children aged 7+ inspired by StrongBack Productions Chigger Foot Boys by Patricia Cumper