Black Theatre Live



Archipeligo seed commission support from BLACK THEATRE LIVE & the LIGHTHOUSE POOLE.

World premiere, a beautiful new play by Caridad Svich.

Archipelago is a story of love.

Love found and lost and found ...

Love, like the breaking of water on the shore, is constant and fluid. It tells the story of she and he. She is from here. He is from there. In a place that is here and there. One of them is always the outsider. So is love strong enough to hold them together?

Caridad Svich's beautiful new play asks if love can transcend and surpass the boundaries of difference. It speaks to the moments between two people who are desperately seeking connection; to find each other and themselves in the in-between during tumultuous times.

"Archipelago is a thing of relentless beauty. It aches and glistens like a body from water. It echoes Beckett yet lives without shadow. It is poetic, dense and utterly fulfilling." Stephen Wrentmore, Director