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Big Foot Education Resource Pack

Download the free Education Resource Pack aimed across the national curriculum at key stages 3 and 4.

Debates around race, sex, migration, faith, wellbeing and identity have become the preeminent concerns of our times today. This Education Resource Pack sets out to encourage students to explore the prescient issues raised in Big Foot by stimulating classroom activity in a ‘safe space’, inspiring deeper understanding through discussion and learning across the curriculum.

The production includes adult themes and is aimed at audiences aged 14+.

English – analysing the script as a text, engaging with themes and ideas; create written pieces in response to play, e.g. writing autobiographically; critically analyse characterisation, setting, plot; create spoken work in response e.g. speeches, discussions, debates.

PSHE (SMSC – Social, Moral Spiritual and Cultural measures) – health and wellbeing, including mental, physical and sexual health e.g. teen pregnancy; risk and safety including: gang culture; healthy relationships; managing loss / bereavement; rights and responsibilities living in diverse communities; making informed choices.

Drama – performance techniques - using body, voice, facial expression and space; approaching a script; developing characters; interpreting and staging a scene; structure of play; understanding style/genre of theatre; analysing design and technical elements; reviewing and evaluating theatre.

Music - music theory; music technology; performing and evaluating music. Art & Design – three-dimensional design, textile design (set and costumes).

Religious Education – both religion specific, understanding practices, beliefs, values of different religions; and philosophy and thematic studies e.g. ethics, global issues, family, healthy relationships and lifestyle and how religion applies to these themes.