Black Theatre Live


Audience Agency Report Big Foot

Download the Audience Agency report on Black Theatre Live's sixth national tour, Big Foot, from autumn 2017. This report builds upon the national tour of Macbeth (spring 2015), She Called Me Mother (autumn 2015), The Diary of a Hounslow Girl (spring 2016), Hamlet (autumn 2016) and An Evening with an Immigrant (spring 2017).

Key findings: audience survey

  • Younger audiences for the Big Foot tour than the national norm
  • High proportion of Black or Black British attenders: on each leg of the tour there has been noticeably high attendance from audiences with similar ethnic background to the main protagonists in the production.
  • Almost half of respondents had visited the venue in the past 12 months, some at least six times
  • Three-quarters of attenders were prompted to visit by word of mouth – and the remainder by social media, a digital equivalent; venue publicity made no apparent impact
  • The demographic profile, shows once again a majority of attenders from medium to low engaged segments
  • Respondents found the play and the performance ‘funny’, ‘emotional’ and ‘moving’.