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ACE data report 2016-2017

In January '18 Arts Council England reported once again on failures of the arts and museum sectors with regard to the systemic under-representation of Black Asian Minority Ethnic people in leadership, management and staffing. While there has been some progress this concern remains a seriously persistant, long-standing and entrenched issue.

The Guardian reporting confirmed:

In the nation’s working-age population, 16% of people are from BME backgrounds. But they make up only 11% of staff at publicly funded national portfolio organisations (NPOs), 4% at major museums, and 9% of staff at ACE itself.

Sir Nicholas Serota, ACE Chair said: “Our young, diverse population is a national asset – a multitude of perspectives, ideas, talent and creativity. But we have a problem. We are as a society depriving this young population of opportunity.

“I want the arts to be an inclusive world, a building open to all. Not an exclusive club. Our mission to deliver on diversity is doubly vital.”

Progress has been made, but not enough. “We are still at the beginning of this process, and are only now seeing the results of decisions that were made several years ago. There is more to do. A lot more.”

The report says BME underrepresentation in key leadership roles is even more acute than the general picture.

Download the full ACE report.