Black Theatre Live


Windows of Displacement


Windows Of Displacement is available in two versions: Full Length – approx. 55 min
Short Length- approx. 35 min 


  • Windows of Displacement is performed on a black dance oor with black box masking and full blacks at the back
  • Minimum space 6x6 m / Ideal space 8x8 m


  • Projector to project onto the blacks full width 16:9 aspect ratio
  • There are a number of video (.mov) and audio (.mp3) cues which
  • can be played through QLab


  • Side-lighting using pro le shins (open white) and Fresnel mids (Lee201)
  • An open white pipe end wash
  • An open white foh wash
  • A backlight wash in Rosco 83 or a similar deep blue
  • A cluster of three parcans USL in Lee179 focused on the diagonal representing a shaft of sunshine
  • The houselights are brought up during the piece
  • Two general wash states - one for projections (mainly using side booms)
  • and one without projections (using side booms and over heads)
  • Four different spot lights: stage left, down stage left, down stage right
  • and down stage centre


  • 1 Technician for tech set-up, to operate lighting cues and projections / audio in show
  • If the venue doesn’t allow one technician to operate all programs then please let the Artist know before hand so additional tech support can be arranged

Full Day get in to include plotting and focussing, nalising tech, brie ng on cues and ending with a run-through