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Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears

“A fun, vibrant musical theatre.  The venue at the Warren was great and we were entertained by fantastic bongos and steel drums whilst waiting for the show to start. There were 8 animals on stage, a combination of puppets and people, great costumes and a lovely story with a moral angle all based around why the mother owl refuses to wake up the sun… and  ‘mosquito’. My 4 year old said ‘It was too much fun, I loved the iguana and the rabbit was so pretty.. but the lioness was really scary’ so the performers did a great job!  A lovely story delivered in a fun way with music and dancing, colours and energy. They engaged brilliantly with the audience and kept us entertained for the full 40 minutes. It seemed to end too soon. We would definitely recommend taking kids to see this fun show. Let’s hope they are back at the Fringe next year. Thank you Banyan Theatre Group.” Child Friendly Brighton & Hove

Audience Feedback:

"thing that I really loved was that the owl was happy and sad so I do like all of it… I think people who see it will feel happy"
(Lilly aged 7)

“Archie thought it was really good, he didn’t have a favourite bit as he loved it all.  My 16 month old was mesmerised for the whole show!” Jessie Coleman

“Absolutely epic!  An unmissable experience with music and great humour which I thoroughly enjoyed”                                Eden Wolfe-Naughton (11)

“Great! Vibrant! Diverse!”  Rae Powers (mum of Charlie, 5 and Max, 3)

“Thank you for a wonderfully creative show with beautiful music and terrific props.”

“The story was great and music and singing were amazing…  The costumes were fabulous too.” Lynne Arnold

“Very good and interesting ... lovely to have something for this age group. Especially led by BME Women – Brighton & Hove can feel too white at times.  Great venue choice too.” Emma Daniel (Labour Councillor)