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Veiled & Vinegar

Praise for Sumerah’s prior work:

'Srivastav's writing shows us that our young people are just as emotionally engaged as any adult, even if they don't always show it.' Carly Halse, Reviewer, Female Arts (On Downfall)

'[In Downfall] we saw life from the younger perspective, raw and unaffected, touching in its pain.' Jean Rogers, Vice-President, Equity.

'A classic short story with a chilling twist in the tale. A sympathetic protagonist brings about a compelling narrative, with modern imagery to bring the horror genre up to date.' Kate Rowland, Creative Director New Writing, BBC (On Purple Rain)

'She has a highly distinctive voice, one that is underrepresented by the mainstream and which is a rich source of potential for stories that truly reflect today’s diverse contemporary British culture.' Rob Cheek, Development Producer, First Film Company