Black Theatre Live


The Little Mochi Man

Performed by two actors and presented by A Thousand Cranes

Our shows celebrate the UK's diversity by bringing the extraordinary and fascinating stories, traditions, art forms and artists of Japan to young audiences. All of our previous shows have been supported by Arts Council England and artsdepot with additional support from the Japan Society and The Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation.

“A little cooked rice ball, Mochi Man, despite being the very last scrap in the pan,
runs away to seek his fortune, in the country of Japan!”

It’s almost New Year and little Mochi Man, tired of being bullied because of his small size, decides to run away.

Join him on his adventures as he travels from the snowy mountains of Hokkaido, to the hustle and bustle of Tokyo meeting many wondrous creatures and characters along the way, including The Gingerbread Man and a very fast bullet train!

Mixing modern with traditional Japanese forms of story-telling and inspired by the traditions of Shogatsu (Japanese New Year celebrations) A Thousand Cranes brings a new piece of inventive theatre for young audiences.

With 2 performers, ‘origami’ puppets, animation and specially composed music, this is the perfect introduction to Japan for young children.

Performed by 2 versatile actors, with an eclectic range of home made puppets, animation and specially composed music by Julian Butler, this is the perfect introduction to Japan for little children