Black Theatre Live


The Listening Room

"Anyone with an interest in drama should see this show because it delivers all the perfections great theatre aims for. Playwrights will watch it with a mixture of wonder and despair. I doubt if there’s a writer alive who could recreate the range of emotions this play lays on. It drags the audience to the very limits of human endurance and demonstrates how far a personality can sink and what horrors it can tolerate and survive. You emerge with your consciousness altered, your conception of human beings elevated and amplified. Which is the goal of great drama. A painful, shocking, vital, uplifting experience. Quite unforgettable."  The Spectator

TimeOut:**** "Bags of innovative flair" "Told in such  way that it all feels like a big, emotionally wrought flashback"

London Theatre 1 ****: "If you’re after a performance piece that is as unconventional as it is inspirational then this is not one to miss."