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The Last Queen of Scotland

"brilliant delivery from performer Rehanna MacDonald. She completely embodies the distinct Dundee voice and conveys the unique and authentic Dundee accent with every word that she spits out with unabashed passion. To witness her tell the story of The Last Queen of Scotland is a brilliant and exciting experience." The Wee Review

"Jemima Levick directs the show, never allowing the pace to slow by applying a surfeit of stagecraft. Panther’s insinuating soundtrack and Ian Dow’s versatile lighting design provide the requisite textures without distracting from MacDonald’s energetic performance as the smart, sympathetic heroine. The piece provides an intriguing reminder of a turbulent historical episode while engagingly dramatising apposite themes of migration, identity and belonging." The Times

"is a fascinating slice of history, brilliantly recounted and economically directed by Jemima Levick. Lovers of good theatre shouldn’t miss this one." Bouquets & Brickbats

"The Last Queen of Scotland will take you on an emotional and historical journey that is particularly poignant in the current political climate." EdFest Magazine

"brimming with ideas, lucidly directed by Jemima Levick, and tells a story that demands to be seen on the stage."All Edinburgh Theatre

"MacDonald gives a captivating performance as the central character – energetic and expressive, she tells her story with humour and warmth, as well as skilfully embodying an array of other characters along the way." The Skinny

"Rehanna MacDonald shines as Jaimini, bringing depth and sparkle to her portrayal of a young woman trying to make sense of her place in the world" Fest

"The Last Queen of Scotland is a brave and gallus attempt at distilling the Scots Asian experience, or at least some part of it, and well worth your time." Edinburgh Guide