Black Theatre Live


The Concrete Jungle Book

Colour, high-energy and humour” ★★★★★ The Wee Review on HighRise Theatre's The Concrete Jungle Book

“Rap, grime and spoken word throughout offers a fresh approach to a well-known tale, with great skill and creativity employed by the stellar cast” ★★★★ The List on HighRise Theatre's The Concrete Jungle Book

''Friendly, funny and frank throughout, they share an irresistible, knockabout charm'' ★★★★ The Stage on HighRise Theatre's Merryville

''completely accessible and whole-heartedly entertaining from start to finish'' ★★★★ londontheatre1 on HighRise Theatre's Merryville

“An articulate, amusing and angry political rant through the medium of grime” ★★★★ The Stage (HighRise Theatre's Merryville, 2016)

“Witty, engaging, thought-provoking and inspirational.” ★★★★ Everything Theatre (HighRise Theatre's Merryville, 2016)