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Nina - a story about me & Nina Simone

★★★★★ ‘Josette Bushell-Mingo brilliantly channels both Nina Simone’s musicianship and anger at racism’ Joyce McMillan – The Scotsman

★★★★★ ‘With a performance like Bushell-Mingo’s, you really feel you are lucky to be in the room.’ Emily Jane Kerr –

★★★★★‘This spectacular piece of theatre offers an unflinching look at the post-civil rights movement world’ Jafar Iqbal – Critically Speaking

★★★★ ‘Josette Bushell-Mingo blows the roof off with this searing look at the life of Nina Simone’ Caroline McGinn – Time Out London

★★★★ “Searing tribute restarts Simone’s revolution” Lyn Gardner – The Guardian

★★★★ ‘Bushell-Mingo inhabits instinctively the union of joy and protest in Simone’s sound’ Kate Maltby – The Times

★★★★ ‘Josette Bushell-Mingo’s searing one-woman show pushes the boundaries of theatre’ Neil Norman – The Stage

★★★★'Nina’s a protest as much as a performance.’Matt Trueman – WhatsOnStage

★★★★ ‘Bushell-Mingo delivers an enthralling performance’ Nathaniel McKenzie – CultureWhisper

★★★★ Fest Mag

★★★★★ “Quite simply, outstanding theatre” Chris High – Purple Revolver

★★★★★“The National Touring Theatre of Sweden and Liverpool’s Unity Theatre may just have produced one of this decade’s most important pieces of Theatre.”

★★★★★ “Bushell-Mingo is remarkable” Janie Phillips – Liverpool Arts Scene

★★★★★“This story is an earthquake waiting to strike” Ian D Hall – Liverpool Sound & Vision

★★★★★“You need to hear this, you need to hang on every word and every note that emanates from Bushell-Mingo’s mouth. Undoubtedly the best performance I have watched all year” Shazney Spence

“The theatre space feel(s) at once intimate and as huge as an arena” Nigel Smith – Good News Liverpool

“A thrilling, sometimes spine-tingling experience… catch it while you can.” Martin Thomasson – British Theatre Guide

“Nina – a story about me and Nina Simone is important. It is theatre that really, truly matters…a very special show indeed” Vicky Anderson – Made Up Liverpool