Black Theatre Live


Memories of Mermaids

Rolemop looks to create an Educational Resource Pack that will accompany the tour that explores the process in which the piece was created (see for a brief overview of the process). We are also considering an option for educational add-on workshops to run in parallel/tandem with the tour.

Target audiences:

  • Students studying modern drama, contemporary writing studies, and contemporary media practice.
  • Other drama audiences for contemporary and multi-media performance.
  • BAME groups and audiences
  • Young people aged 12+ (research has shown that theatre suitable for teenagers is under catered for and there is a gap in the programming market for a show like Memories of Mermaids).
  • Secondary school groups.
  • Targeting cinema groups
  • Previous audiences for Black Theatre Live tours
  • Core theatre audiences & fans of Rolemop and Kerri McLean's past work.
  • Audiences from BAME community groups
  • Afro Caribbean elders groups
  • Women’s organisations
  • Black business i.e. hairdressers, music outlets
  • Housing associations/ Homeless charities 
  • Black History societies
  • Caribbean associations
  • University faculty and groups
  • Elderly peoples luncheon clubs
  • Readers groups