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Quotes on Man4Man in development:

'This play - which is attempting to reconcile and deconstruct notions of gender, sexuality and belonging to a culture, a religion, a nation and a people - is complex but rich, bold but impressive .' Rob Drummer, Literary Manager, High Tide Theatre Festival

'The play explores ideologies and identities, the clash between the developing and developed countries, and the choices people face when divorcing themselves from the values of their ‘homeland’… This is a highly intelligent play in the
way it blends theatrical and structural choices and themes… I applaud the boldness with which it is written.'
 John Ginman, Head of Drama, Goldsmiths University

Quotes on Gameshow’s previous work:

This Is The Moon, That Is The Earth (we are here, we are here) (2014-2015)

'Their ideas seem to be the start of something genius' A Younger Theatre

'An interesting and refreshing technical approach to theatre. Full of ideas, images and streams of consciousness... It is playful and informal with a unique and fun structure.' Everything Theatre

Space Junk (2013)

'Gameshow's inventive approach and striking creativity deserves strong support - we look forward to working with them again.' Sean Holmes, Lyric Hammersmith

A Midsummer Night's Dream (2011)

'Plays free and easy with Shakespeare’s original, but creates something quite magnificent to fill the gaps.'  A Younger Theatre

'South Londoners of all ages... will appreciate Gameshow's willingness to bring the play to life in a way that makes sense right here, right now.' Broadway World

'I've never seen schoolchildren enjoy Shakespeare so much.' Martin Costello, Broadway Theatre

The Jewish Wife (2010)

'The impact is powerful, helped by the great care that has gone into the staging.' British Theatre Guide

'Evans' approach to the text is a considered one and he focuses in particular on the texture and detail of the production.' The Stage

'Brilliantly detailed work' Tom Morris, Bristol Old Vic