Black Theatre Live


Love Like Leslie Cheung

“funny, often outrageously so … The Fu Manchu Complex will make you laugh and make you think”  There Ought To Be Clowns

“York’s satire scores a direct hit” Time Out

“If you enjoy The Book of Mormon style of comedy then this show is for you. A clever piece...addresses the historical and extremely racist representations of Chinese in literature and on stage by the Brits and allows five talented actors of East Asian descent to break loose from the pigeonholing that still inflicts them today. ..clever and funny” Everything Theatre

“Compelling” “Unnerving” What’s On Stage

“a devilishly ironic spin on Sax Rohmer’s classic novel that will leave you in hysterics at the Ovalhouse in South London…wildly satirical and steeped in sexual innuendo…the atmosphere created on stage is alluring” (The Upcoming)

“Daniel York’s The Orphan of Zhao Redux is a most enchanting thing… a gorgeous eight minute short that is a brilliant showcase for what might have been… the film stirs something elemental – especially in its haunting final minute – and had me thoroughly hooked from the start” There Ought To Be Clowns

“Dream of Emerald Hill… is a mixture of gripping cinematic vignettes, including the Japanese Occupation and the surrender of British colonial rule”  Pipeline Magazine

“(Hidden) In The Screen by Daniel York Loh…has hit on a fascinating way of both detailing and commenting on the ways in which British East Asians have been and are represented on stage and screen” There Ought To Be Clowns