Black Theatre Live



"Mirror mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all?"

Today in the day the Cheryl Lite, finally becomes the woman that she always has always dreamt of being. But can she be an individual in her own skin or does the media pressure to conform turn her into one of today's clones?

Performance by Marlene McKenzie says "To bleach or not to bleach? That is the question. The play raises awareness of skin lightening and why young BAME women feel invisible in society. What is beauty? And why are we dying to be lighter?"

Lite is a powerful, multimedia stage production, exploring the theme of identity/self-image through a young woman’s eyes. Combining drama, humour, pathos and vulnerability, Lite explores the issue of identity and conformity through a compelling, emotional-gripping, far-reaching exploration of skin lightening:

Q & A session takes place after each performance to stimulate conversation and raise current issues on body image across all ages and groups of people.