Black Theatre Live


i know all the secrets in my world

Historically the work of tiata fahodzi has been limited in its reach and now with fresh energy we are demonstrating a more inclusive and forward-looking approach toward the work we make and the audience we make it for. 

We aspire to work with the Black Theatre Live consortium to bring the i know... story to a nationwide audience - one with a hunger for soulful and entertaining contemporary stories which reflect and celebrate the true fabric of our shared culture.  i know… aims to multiply the - sometimes singular - BAME narrative in the mainstream and will attract audiences who long to see people like them simply living, loving and hurting - the story enhanced by cultural specificity but not defined by it. They are also hungry for stories that are as brave in form as they are in content, work that fuses forms and mixes methods. i know… aims to multiply the ways we tell our stories, the how.  At tiata fahodzi, we want to be as formally inventive and courageous as our mainstream counterparts. We want to fearless in the how as well as the what. i know… is a departure from our text-based tradition and tries to find a language that communicates an inability to communicate, silence, speechlessness.

To an audience, it offers delight in life’s contradictions – chaos in the silence, delicacy and femininity in the masculine, memory in the present.

Having made and scratched this devised show – in work in progress contexts over the summer - we’re in  a strong and informed position to talk about the show and the experience for potential audience members. We come with trailers, recordings, production pictures that make for a full and dynamic marketing pack.

i know… will appeal to audiences for dance, physical theatre as well as to those who attend drama and new work. An inter-generational story, it provides an opportunity for families to see work together. An adventure in form, it will attract student groups, GCSE and above.

More specifically, we aim to:

  • Engage men and boys as audience members and beneficiaries by targeting 40% male participation in our outreach offer (national average for participation of 11-15 year old boys outside of school is 24.3%).  
  • Engage 5% over 75 year olds as audience members as part of an intergenerational offer. The 2012/13 Taking Part survey reveals a drop in arts engagement (as an active participant or audience member) as respondents get older, with a sharp drop among those aged over 75 years or more.  
  • Reach further audiences via digital channels such as YouTube and the full suite of social media tools.

It will do this by:

Product: This piece of formally inventive theatre is a love story between a father and son – it will be thoughtful and tender and challenges the prevailing narrative that black men are generally absent, that they are unsuccessful fathers. In our play