Black Theatre Live


I Declare At My Own Risk

★★★★"powerful play... well worth looking out for" Central & Eastern European London Review

"A young Rroma actress tells the tale of her painful journey, looking the public straight in the eyes...Far from the flamboyant guitars of Gipsy kings... the actress' solo becomes the troubling metaphor of all those forgotten children' Judith Sibony, Le Monde

'Very occasionally I come across someone who is like a rising star, a force that is bright, unstoppable and has an impact on anyone who sees it. I saw Alina's one-woman-show at Green Hours and it was amusing, concise, and unsentimental. It felt authentic and it avoids moralizing about the rights and wrongs of the Roma situation.' Rupert Wolfe-Murray, Huffington Post

'Alina Serban's play tells her story, that of a determined girl who fought deprivation and serious discrimination' Agence France Presse

'A great deal of humour, honesty and courage... a therapeutic performance' Iulia Popovici, theatre critic; in Observatorul Cultural, Romanian leading cultural weekly

'Lately, I've been going to the theatre with no high expectations. Through the naturalness of its confession, 'I Declare at My Own Risk” made me change my mind. It reminded me how hard and how easy it is to be sincere' Eliza Zdru, theatre and film critic, on LiterNet, Romanian major cultural portal.

'An almost shocking act of courage with no hint of patheticism... the show compels you to sincerely and profoundly empathise' Paul Boca, Art Act Magazine Romania