Black Theatre Live




Kim Pearce, director

Emma Bailey, designer

Jessica Hung, Lighting Designer

Liz Liew, Composer

Luke Swaffield, Sound Designer 

Movement Director:Quang Kien Van

Daniel York Loh, Writer, Forgotten 遗忘: ‘The story of the Chinese Labour Corps is such a powerful chapter in Chinese and European relations that I was amazed it had been literally written out of the history books on all sides. There is a tendency to objectify, anonymise and dehumanise East Asian people so I wanted to bring to life the hopes, fears, dreams, stories and songs of the Chinese Labour Corps. To take the audience on the extraordinary journey that these men took – across oceans, continents, and cultures that arguably changed the course of history.’

Kim Pearce, Director, Forgotten 遗忘: ‘Daniel and I first met following The Orphan of Zhao casting controversy at the RSC to discuss appropriately casting the 20th century Chinese classic plays that I wanted to produce. This was the beginning of a journey through which I have forged invaluable partnerships with actors, playwrights, creatives and producers from the British East Asian artistic community, leading to many exciting new projects. I am thrilled to at last direct one of Daniel’s plays and am looking forward to further exploring this incredible unknown story with the cast and companies.’

Zhen Lin, Artistic Director, Moongate: ‘Moongate is committed to putting British East Asian actors at the heart of compelling narratives so we are thrilled to present Forgotten 遗忘. The play is a tough, tender, and savagely poetic portrayal of human beings caught in a terrifying war in just about the most alien environment possible desperately clinging to their own existence and what makes their lives matter.’

Kumiko Mendl, Artistic Director, Yellow Earth: ‘When I first heard about the Chinese Labour Corps and their involvement in the First World War, I knew it was a story that had to be told – especially as no-one seemed to know anything about it. It is important that this hidden East Asian story feature in the WW1 commemorations so we are delighted to be working with Moongate to bring Forgotten 遗忘 to the stage this year.’