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Flying Solo

★★★★★ "Mann has charm that grips the audience with her every word"  Behind the Arras

★★★★ "Attacks the subject of family relations and mental health with determination and humour”  “A wonderful endorsement to women in sport” Female Arts

“Excellent work from Manjeet Mann, oily and spiteful as a vengeful competitor...” British Theatre Guide (Behind The Beautiful Forevers, National Theatre)

“ is Manjeet Mann’s disbelieving wife whose emotional journey connects to us most powerfully.” The Stage (Blue Sky, Hampstead Theatre)

“in a small but vital role, Manjeet Mann humanises the whole affair” British Theatre Guide (Blue Sky, Hampstead Theatre)

“... the inherent comedy of Mina's (Manjeet Mann) refusal to believe that her husband has been taken by the Americans because she'd rather believe he was having an affair is neatly played.” Whats On Stage (Blue Sky, Hampstead Theatre)

“The comedy really starts in Act 2 with Manjeet Mann and Erika Poole as the Queen and her Maid.” Time Out (The BFG, Polka Theatre)

“Manjeet Mann is delightful as Miranda.” Time Out (Prospero's Island, National Tour)

“Manjeet Mann... superb in a myriad of roles” Whats On Stage  (Counted, Theatre Royal Plymouth)

“Manjeet Mann and Steven Rostance were so adorable I wanted to cuddle them, and they sold the piece beautifully.” Remotegoat (Angledust, Old Red Lion)

“Clearly a talented writer and performer” (She's The Bitchy One, Everything Theatre)