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Flying Solo

“Running keeps me sane, It’s about keeping myself on track, gives me a purpose, gives me a reason to live.”

The past is gone, but as soon as Amber gives it thought, she brings it back into the present moment. Days spent keeping her parents apart, stopping one from killing the other, sisters that paired up- alone and unimportant, until she 'started' on Gemma Griffin in the school playground. That made her feel strong, really fucking strong.

Today she’s running the London Marathon. Six months of hard training. She will run a sub 3.30 marathon, all she has to do is avoid hitting the wall.

Proving that your past will always catch up with you, and there’s no way you can outrun your demons, Flying Solo is a funny and thought provoking look at families including plenty of tips on how to run your perfect marathon.

Flying Solo Trailer from Garrett and Garrett Videography on Vimeo.