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Femmetamorphosis, a play based around a lingerie party and a group of women from different walks of life. Add some sexy lingerie, a mix of Caribbean punch, some zany characters and a make-over result in all the ingredients for a very funny and emotional play. 

“I have to admit, this is the best lingerie party I’ve ever been to”

Rum punch, sexy lingerie and a unmistakable Caribbean relish all make up this fun, imaginative comedy drama set in the heart of London. Femmetamorphosis looks at the transformation of several women during a lingerie party, painting a humorous light-hearted picture of female friendship dynamics.

Ruth is throwing a lingerie party at her modest home which she shares with her childhood sweetheart and husband Wesley. Among her guests, which include her best friend Yazzmen, a self proclaimed Cougar. Cecillia a devout Christian, Edith who is struggling to get over a recent break up with her boyfriend and Destini, the exotic neighbour from next door who is rumoured to be married to a footballer. Krystal, the HotLove lingerie host presents the group with a range of naughty suspenders and mankinis as talk turns from lingerie to heartbreak.

Taking inspiration from comedies such as The Real McCoy, French and Saunders and The Desmond's this is a touching tale of sisterhood, and female solidarity, spanning different generations, heritage and race in order to powerfully portray the adversity women face and how they can triumph over it.