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" daddy on babysitting duties?"

"No! Its called parenting..."

Meet Dad - A successful, career driven 40 something man who has become a father for the first time. For a man that’s never been out of his depth, boy is he…

On the night of his daughter’s birth, dad finds himself waiting for the night bus having been turfed out of the maternity ward and told to come back at visiting times.

But he’s not a visitor? Is he? Surely visitors are aunties and cousins.

He’s the dad… or  ‘your husband’... Or birthing partner… Now over staying visitor… soon to be babysitter…

His identity seems to be determined by everyone else except him.

​In a world where his wife is ‘mum,’ and he has been relegated to ‘birthing partner,’ will he ever establish a position of his own?

Dadism! From the writer of the award nominated ‘The Dateless Wonder,’ comes a brand new comedy about parenting and double standards.

Between the stern midwife, social norms and the alpha couple that are Jenna & Jayesh, what is the role of a Dad in this day and age?

And does dad actually have a name? Well, that will be explained...

​Dadism is a solo male show, charting the experience of a man becoming a father for the first time. It is a comedy about identity, what it means to be a man and father whilst navigating traditional gender roles and cultural norms of dads being providers rather than carers.