Black Theatre Live


Chigger Foot Boys

StrongBack Productions with Tara Arts presents

Written by Patricia Cumper

An intoxicating cocktail of love, duty, death and dominoes...

Based on true events in the lives of Jamaicans who fought in World War One and set amid the banter in a rum bar near Kingston Harbour, four young men tell their stories of death and glory as the end of the British Empire looms.

1914. One night in Medora's rum bar by the docks in Kingston, Jamaica, a soldier, a hunter, a scholar and a lover are playing a game of dominoes to while away the night, trapped by a thunderstorm. They are oblivious of the impact that the distant war in Europe will have on them, their island and the future of the British Empire. Amongst them, about to embark on a journey of a lifetime, is a young Norman Manley. In a series of flash forwards we witness the fate that awaits them and many other Jamaicans who volunteered and fought on the fronts of World War One.

First performed at Ovalhouse in July 2014


You can purchase the #ChiggerFootBoys script through Oberon Books HERE.

Chigger Foot Boys from Pauline Walker on Vimeo.